There is a lot of equipment which are crucial for industries and one of them is the forklift. All the heavy lifting and moving is done by it. It would be hard to imagine the manufacturing industry without it. Buying a forklift can be an expensive affair. When you own one, it needs to be taken care of. Just like most other industrial appliances, this also works on batteries. You must have good knowledge about Forklift batteries. Following are just some of the basics concerning the battery.

What is the battery made up of?

The forklift battery is held in a battery case. This case has multiple individual cells, battery bars and battery cables. Each cell is self-contained and small. The cell contains individual batteries along with a set of lead plates that are filled with sulfuric acid. After that, the cell is packed tightly. Once each cell has been packed, it is connected with the help of battery bars links. This linkage helps to create the complete circuit. The amperage generated by the battery is carried by the battery cables.

Can the forklift be efficiently powered with a used battery?

Buying a brand new battery can be expensive. Many times, the dealers suggest that you purchase a used battery. Even with a used battery, you can efficiently power the forklift. These used batteries are rigorously tested and undergo maintenance processes before they are sold. There is an intensive restoration process that is carried out by the dealers. It includes equalization, cleaning and refining the batteries. This helps to make the battery highly efficient and effective.

What are the problems you could experience with used batteries?

Though used batteries can sufficiently power the forklift, there are still some issues that could possibly arise. They could be severe paste shed, corrosion, plate sulfating, and split gauntlets. Only sulfating can be solved during restoration, for all other issues you would have to undertake replacement of the battery.

Can you rent the forklift battery and the charger?

If you wish to not purchase a battery, you can always rent out the battery and the charger. You could rent them together. They can also be rented separately. The cost of renting is dependent upon the kind of battery and charger blueprint you are choosing.

What are the safety items that should be kept near the batteries?

Certain items should always be kept near the forklift batteries when working with them. This includes baking soda or acid neutralizing solution, masks, gloves, proper eyewear, liquid non-metallic container and eyewash.

What are some of the risks associated with forklift batteries?

Forklift batteries can cause hazards if they aren’t taken care of properly. They can cause hydrogen fires. When there is a sulfuric acid leak it can cause burning of eyes and skin. There is also a chance of a high rate of current electric shock and injuries being caused due to the heavyweight of the battery. Hence, it is essential to be alert when working with them.

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