Claiming Travel Insurance If You Miss Your Flight

Claiming Travel Insurance If You Miss Your Flight

You missed your flight—every traveller’s nightmare. Even with the best preparation, planes are still missed. This can be easily rectified if you have bought flight travel insurance. Overbooking prevents you from flying. The airline must book you on the next flight and provide lodging and food if it departs the following morning. According to new DGCA rules, if you are denied boarding a flight due to overbooking and are not rescheduled within one hour, you can claim up to Rs 20,000. *

If an airline delays due to technical issues, you may miss a connection. If so, the airline must rebook you on the next available flight and provide food and lodging until then. If you miss your flight because of a flat tyre, a family emergency, or oversleeping, things get complicated.

“Missed flight”—what is it?

Travel insurance calls a missed departure a missed flight due to unforeseen circumstances. Anytime, incoming or outgoing. Only a few causes are compensable. Flight travel insurancemay cover “missed flight” for valid reasons.

Most insurers will cover missed flights due to strikes, accidents, public transportation disruptions, car breakdowns, the demise of a close relative, and more. Missing a flight due to oversleeping or misreading the time may not be covered by insurance.

Missed flights often result from connecting flight delays. Under the terms and conditions, travel insurance covers this reason. The insurer and airlines would rather put you on the next flight than pay you!

Missing a flight—what happens?

If you happen to miss your flight, you may be delayed or have checked in and are stuck at security or the boarding gate. After the security check, the flight may call your name to speed up boarding. To avoid waiting, contact ground staff. Since they cannot stop or delay the flight without permission, they may help you board quickly. You won’t need to use your travel insurance cover.

If you haven’t checked in or done security, you’re a no-show. You would not be allowed on the flight and may be escorted out. You can either go home and rebook a ticket or contact your airline to see if they can get you on the flight. 

Missed flight refund?

If you miss your flight and don’t travel, you may not be reimbursed. An airline can only reimburse you if your flight is cancelled or you pre-cancel it beforehand to avoid missing it!

Some airlines take a different approach. Refund procedures vary. If you missed your flight, be patient. You should receive a refund immediately if you paid in cash, within seven days if you paid by credit card, and from the travel agency if you booked through one. This can be reimbursed if you get travel insurance from India.

But the reality isn’t ideal. There are many refund cases, so the claim may take longer to process. If you miss your flight and file a refund claim, check with your airline or OTA for estimated time frames.

Does travel insurance cover missed connections?

Missing a connecting flight can increase travel costs and disrupt plans. Missed connection international travel insurance covers flight delays, which are unavoidable. This travel insurance from India covers connecting flights, cruises, ferries, and trains.

International travel missed connecting flight claim terms:

  1. If your first international outbound travel is delayed by at least 3 hours and verified as a “common carrier delay,”
  2. In extreme weather or natural disasters,
  3. A traffic accident delayed departure,
  4. In a terrorist attack or aircraft hijacking,
  5. If you miss your connecting flight due to a previous delay or quarantine.

Missed flight claim?

Only if the delay exceeds 3 hours can you claim for a missed or cancelled flight. Before you buy travel insurance online, read the terms and conditions.

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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