A Guide to Staying Ahead With Martial Arts Software 

A Guide to Staying Ahead With Martial Arts Software 

Recently, the martial arts world has experienced a growth in the number of software companies producing products that address various concerns within the industry. And with good reason; these programs can help instructors, students, and parents of students find solutions to many problems they face on a day-to-day basis. From keeping track of students’ progress to making sure payments are made on time, these tools have become an important part of martial arts studios’ efforts to succeed. Explore some of the ways that you can use martial art software for your studio.

What exactly is martial arts software?

When you think of martial arts software, you may be thinking of a few different things. You may be thinking that it’s software to help you track your students’ progress, or manage your instructors and student records. You might be thinking about the software you use to run tournaments or competitions for your school. All of this is valid—but there’s a lot more than just those types of martial arts software out there.

What makes a good martial arts management solution?

Many martial arts instructors face several challenges in their day-to-day operations, ranging from the need to keep track of many different things to the difficulty of accessing information quickly when it’s needed. A good martial arts management solution will help you with all these tasks by providing a central location for data storage, easy access to information on demand, and plenty of collaboration tools so that your team can work more efficiently together.

The software should be able to handle everything from student enrollments and payments, scheduling classes, managing membership fees, and accounting for income earned during events such as tournaments or demonstrations. It should also offer features like class tracking so that you know who is signed up for each class at any given time; automatic reminders about upcoming events; multiple user permissions so that different members can have different levels of access; email notifications sent out automatically based on certain criteria (e.g., when someone makes payment); integration capabilities with other software systems such as payment gateways like Stripe or Square, and more.

What extra features should youI look for?

One thing to consider is how much customization you want in your software. If you can’t find one that has all of the features you need, it’s better to choose a program with fewer bells and whistles than one with too many extra frills. Other things to look for include:

  • A way to track attendance at classes
  • A way to keep track of payments made by students
  • An ability to track progress and belt level advancement (if applicable)
  • The ability to keep tabs on student performance—both practices and competitions—to identify areas where they could improve
  • An option that allows instructors or masters access so they can see how students are performing and make adjustments as necessary

How can you use this software to stay ahead of the competition?

You can use your martial arts software in several ways to help you stay ahead of the competition. This may include:

  • Managing your team
  • Sharing information with students and instructors
  • Marketing your business and events to potential students and instructors
  • Helping new students get started in class, as well as helping them learn more about what they are doing at home
  • Helping instructors keep track of their classes, including any special events or changes that need to be made for upcoming sessions


So there you have it. These are some features you should look for when choosing martial arts software. It may seem like a lot of information right now, but once you start using these programs to manage your business, everything will fall into place. You’ll be able to keep track of attendance and payments with ease, as well as boost enrollment by offering online scheduling and registration options to current members or potential customers who view your website from their mobile phones. 

It’s important that whatever solution you choose has all the tools needed for success in this increasingly digital age–whether those tools include credit card processing capabilities or automatic notifications about upcoming classes scheduled via social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.


Clare Louise

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