What Technologies and Promotional Methods are Helpful for Laundromats?

What Technologies and Promotional Methods are Helpful for Laundromats?

We live in a digital age where every industry needs to think about building its online presence. The same goes for those in the laundry business, where you will need to focus on online laundry service marketing and the technologies involved with promoting your business online.

There is always a new technology or marketing method emerging regularly to make it easier for you to gain new customers. Let’s take a look at what marketing trends and technologies you should consider as you create a laundromat marketing strategy that will work for you.

1.      Mobile First in Everything

While mobile devices aren’t the newest gadget on the block, they are becoming even more and more important over time. Up to 76% of adults own a smartphone and are likely using this to research and find your laundromat.

Google recognizes the mobile-first trend and is now taking steps to make it more important. For instance, Google now rolled out mobile-first indexing, so when indexing your website, they are also looking at the mobile version as the primary site. As such, It’s high time you start updating your website and making it more mobile-friendly. Do this by creating content, landing pages, and online forms that are easy to navigate and consume through mobile devices. 

2.      Chatbots = Practical

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and chatbots are becoming very popular lately. While AI and machine learning may not be heading to the laundry industry just yet, chatbots are becoming more popular and useful. Many businesses now use a chatbot for customers to communicate with, helping with customer satisfaction.

You can use a chatbot for your business to help resolve customer issues, assist with finding products or services, help with bill payments, share frequently asked questions, and troubleshoot, among many other functions. Even if chatbots are still relatively new to the industry, it has a lot of potential for small to big laundry operations. If you’re intimidated by the hassle of setting up a chatbot, not worry, as the process is easier than expected. You can build your chatbot with minimal to no coding at all, coming at affordable rates.

3.      More Video Content

Video is everywhere around us online, making up over 1/3 of all Internet traffic. It’s a commonly used medium that a87% of marketers use to help brands grow, and this promotional method won’t be fading away soon.

But why video?

Videos are eye-catching, holding the attention of viewers. Compared to other forms of media, it’s one of the most engaging as long as it was done right. Fortunately, it’s now easier to produce videos compared to before, and it’s also easier to share your videos thanks to platforms like YouTube and Facebook. We recommend sharing videos that showcase how to use your laundry equipment, or even behind-the-scenes videos of your laundromat, which can hook viewers.

Wrapping It Up

Implement these points above into your digital marketing strategies so you can stay ahead of the game!

Wagner Roberts

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