How to use hair chalks, crayons, and powders?

How to use hair chalks, crayons, and powders?

Hair chalking, crayoning, and powders are fun and temporary ways to add a pop of color to your locks without the damage of permanent hair dye. Start with clean, dry hair that’s free of oils, gels, and other styling products so the color adheres well. Use a clarifying shampoo if needed to remove buildup. Then brush hair thoroughly to remove tangles and make sure strands are smooth. Keeping sections separated as you work, use clips or elastic bands to part hair into manageable sections. It ensures you apply the color evenly from roots to ends.

  • If using chalk, rub it directly onto the section of hair, pressing firmly to transfer maximum pigment. Run your fingers through the section to blend and distribute the chalk.
  • If using a crayon, swipe it lightly over the section of hair like you’re coloring. Use short, back-and-forth motions to deposit color evenly.
  • For powder, dip the applicator brush into the powder, tap off excess, then brush it thoroughly throughout the section. Until the color is the desired intensity, repeat the process.

Mist hair with water or a setting spray and allow the colored sections to sit for 5-10 minutes. It helps the pigment absorb and adhere better, so the temporary color lasts longer. You even sit out in the sun to set the color. Gently shake out each section to remove any loose powder or chalk residue. Carefully unwrap sections and brush through hair salons fort lauderdale with a clean brush to distribute the color evenly throughout. Go back and add more color anywhere you want it more vibrant.

Maintain the color 

Avoid washing hair for 1-2 days after applying the temporary color to avoid damage. It gives the pigment time to dry completely. When you do shampoo, use cool water and a sulfate-free formula to help extend the color’s life. Avoid putting hair in a ponytail or bun until after the first wash too. The coloring will eventually fade with each shampoo but can last 1-4 washes depending on hair type and coloring method. Chalk provides the lightest tint that washes out the fastest while powder clings the longest. Reapply as the color fades to maintain your temporary hue.

Try different colors and techniques

Get creative and mix colors by doing each section a different hue like a rainbow. Try making stripes or patterns using foil strips or gloved hands to create “negative space”. Spice up ponytails, braids, buns, or tips with bright colors. Temporary colors may not show up as vibrantly on darker hair. Opt for lighter shades or try lightning spray first. Test a strand first if concerned about allergies or irritation. Discontinue use if any reaction occurs. Temporary color is ideal for younger children who want fun hair colors as it easily washes out with minimal mess or hair damage.

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