How to Know Your Dryer is Failing and You Must Get New Parts

How to Know Your Dryer is Failing and You Must Get New Parts

As with other household appliances, your dryer will break down over time and require either repair or replacement. Although you can easily notice signs of a failing dryer, you can overlook other signs until the issue gets worse and requires more significant repairs. So, before you will need to buy Samsung dryer parts at, you should discover the following signs your dryer needs repair:

Clothes Do Not Get Dry Quickly

If it is taking more time for your clothes to get dry than before, something might be wrong with your dryer. A dryer depends on airflow for cycling hot air through the clothes. When airflow is obstructed, damp air may linger inside the drum, increasing the drying time. If the clothes do not dry quickly, check the lint trap and ensure it is clear. Also, check for blockages and crimps on the vent hose. 

If the airflow is the problem, the slow-drying issue may have to do with a failing part. As you use your dryer for several years, its heating element may eventually burn out and fail to deliver heated air to the drum. Also, a failed thermostat will not read the temperature properly, causing the dryer to warm up more slowly than before. 

Strange Noise

Heavy clothes that have buttons and zippers may make a sound in the dryer; however, strange noises can point to an issue. Thumping, squealing, and scraping sounds can happen because of a failed dryer part that supports the drum. This part may be the support roller located under the drum or the bearing in the drum’s back. When a part fails, it may need to be replaced. 

In addition, issues with the motor of the dryer may cause alarming sounds as the appliance runs. When motor bearings wear out, they can cause squealing while a rattling sound may mean a loose pulley. Often, both parts can be replaced without the need to replace the entire motor. 

Burning Smells

A burning smell from any appliance must not be ignored, particularly when it comes from a dryer. Although issues such as lint buildup seem harmless, they can create a major fire hazard. So, to prevent this from happening, routinely to check the lint. 

Also, a burning smell can indicate a failing thermostat, which can cause the dryer to overheat when it reads the temperature is quite low. If the dryer smells like burning rubber, this may be due to the drive belt. When this belt slips off of the drum, it can fall onto the unit’s heating element, drying or melting there and making a burning odor. 

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