How To Confidently Allow Mobile Messaging In Your Regulated Firm

How To Confidently Allow Mobile Messaging In Your Regulated Firm

SMS and MMS technology are prominent ways of communicating in business. But as these technologies advance, entities face increasing pressure to modify their governance rules and processes relating to mobile settings to meet regulatory, legal, and risk-management requirements. 

Organizations have the responsibility to track all incoming and outgoing business communications. It makes no difference whether its member uses a company-issued smartphone, a personal device, or a mix of the two. If they contain pertinent business communications, they must be tracked, located, and supplied when needed by authorities.

Regulatory organizations, like SOX, HIPAA, HITECH, FINRA, FOIA, and FRCP, mandate corporations to monitor and preserve their mobile communications. Thus, businesses must employ secure mobile messaging tools for instant message capture and text message archiving. They must also categorize the stored material according to regulatory requirements to guarantee mobile compliance.

Moreover, firms must also teach and educate their members about the differences between business and personal communications. Leaders need to know the criteria for retaining, overseeing, and archiving business communications.

Text message data archiving, monitoring and production should all be part of risk-based surveillance readiness. Firms must establish policies as quickly as feasible and employ a text archiving and supervision solution before it’s too late.

Mobile archiving solutions are especially useful in areas when employee mobile communications and behavior need to be strictly monitored. These entities include firms in banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, education, and government organizations.

One excellent solution is Telemessage. It can gather and preserve mobile material from corporate or BYOD mobile phones. Telemessage has the capability to record mobile SMS, voice calls, WhatsApp, and WeChat discussions. Incorporating the solution allows companies to maintain compliance with different data protection rules.

Here is an infographic from Telemessage to understand more about mobile messaging in regulated firms and where to find a digital message archiving solution. 


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