Fun Compliance Games to Try for Training

Fun Compliance Games to Try for Training

Did you know that there are online compliance training programs available through platforms like True Office Learning? This is helpful amid the COVID-19 pandemic, where work-from-home setups are more popular than ever. While online training has made things more convenient for employees, it’s also made it more challenging to keep such programs engaging.

If you’re having trouble trying to keep interests high during employee training, whether online or offline, you can try using games and activities. Here are fun activities you can include:

  1. Photo or Video Compliance Game


If you’re creating a compliance training program from True Office Learning, you can incorporate this game, which is one of the more successful ones.

Plus, the rules are simple. All employees need to do is to submit a video or photo of any compliance violation with an explanation related to it. You can also have them submit creative and informative posters, which provide even more content people can learn from.

  1. Set-Up Game

This game is also known as ‘Spot the Issue’ or ‘Scavenger Hunt.’ Set up a desk or whole office with various compliance or ethical issues. For instance, it can be an open notepad with confidential information or a gift bag that comes from a vendor given as a bribe.

When you set up the desk or office, then have your employees locate the breaches, whether individually or in teams. If you’re conducting online training, then take a clear photo for your employees to identify.

Playing in teams is a great idea as it would lead to more discussions as they ask themselves what they see.

  1. Compliance Trivia

This is an easy game to prepare and implement, though there will be a few challenges when done online, such as communication, judging, and prizes

Either way, the concept is simple – Ask questions regarding compliance and ethics and the one with the most correct answers wins! You can also do free-form covering questions, such as, “what would you do in this situation?”

  1. Competition of Ideas

You can build engagement and listen to your employees’ great ideas with this competition! Let this game encourage employees to brainstorm new ideas and improve existing concepts related to compliance and ethics.

You’ll be surprised by how much interest and engagement this can bring! Furthermore, it can have organizations identify any compliance issues or opportunities to consider among the higher management.

  1. Case Study Stories

This isn’t a game per se, but an activity that many people will be interested in doing, especially when you use relatable stories and case studies. Rework case studies and include more compliance issues and today’s topics of interest.

Besides saying things about what employees shouldn’t do, incorporate them into this discussion. Ask your employees to interact and share what they would have done in certain situations. That way, it increases engagement and has employees truly absorb what they learn.

Wrapping It Up

Compliance training doesn’t need to be boring! Try doing any of these games with your employees and see how much more interesting and engaging things can get.

Carnel Gilchrist

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