Do You Need Freezer Spacer Removal Automation?

Do You Need Freezer Spacer Removal Automation?

In any cold storage business, if you want to increase the speed of your pallet transfer or pallet changing operations then you may need to incorporate certain pallet tippers and also a system for freezer spacer removal.

By using these freezer spacers removal arrangements, you can increase the productivity of your process and can handle larger loads of shipments. Top Industries which are based in Florida can offer this solution to you that can be quite effective for your business.

In case, you are doubtful then you can discuss it with the company and show them which products you generally handle in your company. The Top Industries can use your items on their machine and show you how you can use their equipment. 

Many companies are still using the manual operation to do this operation which is not only a time-consuming and inefficient way of doing it, but also there can be safety risks for the workers involved in this operation. 

Therefore, our best suggestion is, you must consider automation in this operation to make your operation more efficient which may end up increasing your bottom line too. 

There will be many other companies who will be ready to offer you a customized solution based on the existing equipment and your process in case their standard equipment fails to match your kind of operations. 

You may request to send their engineers and experts who will visit your works and study the operations and suggest you a suitable solution for the automation of freezer spacer removal operation. 

A few companies like Top Industries have already completed many such projects for several companies like yours who are dealing with meat and many other poultry-related products in their cold storages. They have provided them with the latest state-of-art solutions. 

One of the main reasons why you should prefer to go for automating this part of the process is that it can offer you 2 major benefits.

  1. Firstly, due to automation, you will need less manpower and as a result, your work process is going to be much safer and the risks of any injuries or accidents will be minimized.
  2. Another major benefit will be by reducing the time involved in the total process, as a result, your energy use will be drastically reduced. This is a substantial benefit as your utility bill will be reduced, which will help you to earn more profit from the business.  

To reduce energy, and labour costs, initially the use of a forklift for loading and unloading will first be reduced in specific areas. Instead of that, a conveyor system can be used for transporting frozen products along with freezer spacers.

The product is then going to travel along several stages on the conveyors and also into the recovery system of the pallet spacer. The product will be secured, tilted 90⁰, and help the operator to pull out the spacers.

After the removal of the freezer spacer, the machine will then automatically tip up, unclamp the load, and finally discharge the product onto exit conveyors. 

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