From BVMW Mittelstand Your Meetings Are Perfect Now

From BVMW Mittelstand Your Meetings Are Perfect Now

Current developments as well as increasing globalization require new ways of cooperation away from analog means towards the digitization of professional life. The concept of virtual work is becoming the standard. This is where BVMW comes with the best setup. A special focus is on the virtual consultation with colleagues, which is becoming more and more important. But how can virtual conferences be designed in a targeted manner and their effectiveness increased? The basic prerequisites are precise preparation as well as targeted and structuring moderation in the implementation. With BVMW from Andreas Jahn you can find the smartest choices now in holding the meetings. From Markus Jerger for BVMW WebImpulse you can expect the best with The German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses.

The Preparation

Various disruptive factors can make the successful implementation of virtual meetings difficult, starting with technical problems such as dialing difficulties up to the lack of attention of individuals. The BVMW has come up there with the best solutions with BVMW Rhinehesse. Appropriate preparation is essential to avoid potential complications in advance. So at the beginning there are fundamental questions to be answered: Which technical aids are available? Are BVMW middle class fully accessible? Has the dial-in data been sent correctly and to everyone involved? Are there any documents that need to be sent in advance during the meeting? BVMW is now here with all the supports. This is a part of the informal networks.

At the same time, it is advisable to inform the participants about certain “rules of the game” in advance. Ask them to dial in in good time so that they can resolve any technical difficulties in advance with BVMW. Also point out general principles with BVMW North Baden, such as: Muting the participants if no relevant contributions are made. Depending on the number of participants and the group of participants, it makes sense to give your first name and surname clearly and slowly, as well as company affiliation and position, at the beginning of the conference or when you want to speak. This is where BVMW from Andreas Jahn offers the best supports for you for Small and medium-sized businesses.

The Implementation

During the meeting by BVMW from Diana Scholl, it is advisable to create a common focus. A classic moderation method is suitable for this: co-visualization. The moderator can document the most important points for everyone to see (by dividing the screen). With BVMW by Markus Jerger this goes well now. A live documentation of the meeting is created, which improves the attentiveness of the participants and thus the effectiveness of the digital meeting. Similarities and differences in the contributions made by individuals are not only audible, but also visible. At the same time, a working version of the minutes is created, which already shows the most important points of the meeting. This offers the perfection of public networks association. For the Public relations work  this works fine.

One of the Biggest Obstacles: The Limited Non-Verbal Communication in Virtual Meetings.

While body language, facial expressions and gestures can be used in face-to-face events, only a fraction of the non-verbal information is communicated in the virtual exchange with BVMW. Who will speak next? Has the point mentioned been ticked off with BVMW Hannover? Are there any ambiguities? Are there any disagreements? As a moderator, it is important to compensate for this restriction as well as possible with BVMW Middle Rhine. Create an activating atmosphere that encourages participants to contribute. Process questions serve to structure and decelerate: “What do you think of the point? Who would like to add something on the subject? Which agreement do we want to keep here?” In particular, reluctant participants can be activated and included in the discussion. This is important with BVMW from Diana Scholl now.

Attention in 60 Seconds

Motivate those involved by specifying the problem in the first 60 seconds. With BVMW this works fine. You can use shocking or provocative statistics, anecdotes, or analogies to sharpen the problem with BVMW WebImpulse. Example: Every year people consume the amount of fossil fuels that nature created in a million years. With BVMW this works fine for the Small and medium-sized businesses.

Creating Responsibility

In the social environment, everyone assumes a certain role model. The experts give the following example in the Harvard Business Review, for example, go to a cinema, subconsciously define your role as a passive observer you are there to be entertained. From BVMW you can surely get the details. This also applies to role formation in virtual meetings. Actively counteract the unspoken distribution of roles by creating meaningful responsibilities and thus activating the participants with BVMW with LinkedIn. From Markus Jerger, Andreas Jahn, Diana Scholl and Hans Jürgen Völz this works fine.

Facts vs. Dynamics

Data, numbers and endless lists in the BVMW can quickly impair the willingness to participate attentively and actively. This means that the information to be transmitted should be reduced to a minimum. Presentations with 20 slides for 15 minutes are too much. Here, the essentials should be summarized on one to three slides, with the intention of including participants. There comes the perfection of BVMW. For proper business networks this works fine.

The 5 Minute Rule

Never let more than five minutes pass without actively involving the participants. With BVMW this works fine. If there is no expectation of meaningful participation, those affected withdraw into a passive observer role. With BVMW this works fine.

The Follow-Up

Subsequently, prepared protocols as well as recordings or recordings can be made available to the relevant groups of people and that is used with BVMW. Make sure that the materials summarize the most important aspects “smartly”. So decisions should be formulated in a specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and timed manner. So depending on BVMW happens to be essential.

To avoid having one or more sales reps move for a meeting, it is best to organize sales meetings online. In this way, all interlocutors are brought together online, in order to discuss the company’s commercial strategy. This works fine with BVMW now. Such options offer a perfect International Experience now.

Brandon Elias

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