Best Websites Like Alibaba For Alternatively Sourcing Products!

Best Websites Like Alibaba For Alternatively Sourcing Products!

Alibaba is a great way to import things from China because you have the permit to thousands of vendors who can make practically any product. But what if there are competently other Alibaba options for your business? Are there alternatives from higher-quality vendors? Or are there other options that use more regional vendors? This piece will go over the top websites like Alibaba for 2022. We’ll also provide you with pointers on where to get your stuff.

What Are the Advantages of Buying From Alibaba?

Before peeking at the greatest websites, such as Alibaba, it’s crucial to understand why you should use these markets to stream stocks. The following are the broad significant advantages:

  1. You can search through thousands of high-quality vendors via marketplaces.
  2. Payment safety is available on sites like Alibaba if a provider fails to fulfil its obligations.
  3. Since Chinese retailers have poorer earnings, they may sell things at a lower rate (just for China market.)
  4. Hefty order amounts can be delivered quickly by Chinese producers.
  5. Chinese factories currently yield high-quality goods.

These were the main advantages why websites like Alibaba are so prominent and why you should hunt for vendors on them.

What Are the Advantages of Opting-in for websites like Alibaba?

Alibaba is the most prominent B2B marketplace for sourcing commodities from China, and it comes with several useful features, such as Alipay, which protects consumers. For most e-commerce firms and Amazon Sellers, Alibaba is the initial option. So, what are the benefits of looking for Alibaba possibilities?

The following are the top reasons why you should look at additional sites such as Alibaba to discover the finest retailer for your company:

  1. Since everyone looks for things on Alibaba, you’ll find the same products as other businesses if you exclusively inquire about Alibaba.
  2. You can almost certainly get a good deal or higher quality for a stock.
  3. To cut transportation costs, you may wish to explore local providers. 
  4. The additional marketplace is likely to have a larger assortment of products.

These are only a few of the most compelling intentions to visit other sites such as Alibaba. It would be best to consider all options because you don’t need to restrict yourself to a single marketplace.

Top Websites like Alibaba in 2022!

It’s time to have a look at the websites like Alibaba who have also captured majority of the worldwide product sourcing marketplace.

1: GlobalSources

Alibaba’s main opposition, GlobalSources, operates similarly. Manufacturers from all around the world can be found on the site, which is totally in English. Alibaba and Global Sources, on the other hand, are not the same. Because the entrance method is more stringent on GlobalSources, you’ll find more true manufacturers than so-called “Trading Companies.” 

Because not all commodities have pricing displayed, you may need to reach a retailer to obtain them. It’s important to remember that prices on the Alibaba website are frequently inaccurate.

2: DHGate

DHGate resembles Alibaba not just in appearance but also in functionality. There is a wide range of commodities available on the forum, with pricing comparable to those found on Alibaba. Retailers can also be contacted and negotiated with.

3: Supplier Database

The Supplier Database from Jungle Scout is the most effective option for Alibaba. You may look for high-quality manufacturers in the database and acquire useful information like consumer quantity and confirmed baggage items. Within the Supplier Database, you can also organise quotations and generate orders.

4: is a B2B marketplace with a large number of European providers. Most nations have their subdomains, which makes navigating the marketplace easier. Additionally, you can select from several different assets.

5: Chinabrands

Alibaba’s competitor Chinabrands is furthermore a good choice. Chinabrands provides a drop shipping service in addition to a large stock range.

6: Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox is a B2B bazaar with over 60,000 items, including electronics, gadgets, furnishings, apparel, and more.

7: MadeinChina

You will find acceptable Minimum-Order-Quantities when correlated to other B2B forums. MadeinChina focuses solely on Asian stocks. Specific manufacturers can also be contacted and negotiated with.

8: 1688

1688 is a Chinese-only game intended for the Asian market. However, this should not dissuade you from reaching one of the producers. Because Asian retailers and manufacturers are more price-oriented than their European counterparts, they can be more relaxed with their pricing.

9: IndiaMART

IndiaMART is one of the country’s most important B2B market forums. IndiaMarket is worth a glance as the Indian retailer market thrives more intriguing, particularly as a substitute to the Asian market.

10: TradeIndia

TradeIndia is another Alibaba alternative from India, and it’s especially useful for textile and garment enterprises. If you’re looking for suppliers in India, TradeIndia is a good place to commence.

11: Solostocks

SoloStocks is Spain’s top online Trading sales portal, with a significant international existence, particularly in Latin America.

12: is a Chinese-only B2B marketplace. It’s almost the same as; however, it also has an English version.

13: EC21

A B2B market forum features a large number of Korean vendors and some from China and the United States. You can filter providers by nation, which is extremely useful.

14: ECPlaza

A South Korean firm owns ECPlaza. It’s an international B2B marketplace with retailers from all around the community.

15: Thomas Net

For over 120 years, Thomas Net has been dealing with the necessities of B2B consumers. Manufacturers, retailers, and service providers such as trading factors can be found on the platform.

16: Quality Trade

Quality Trade is a B2B market forum for ISO-certified businesses that is a good substitute for Alibaba.


Alibaba is possibly the most well-known B2B marketplace. There are, however, several websites like Alibaba that can add more significance to your company.


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