Advantages of Implementing Industrial Dust Collectors during Construction

Advantages of Implementing Industrial Dust Collectors during Construction

In an industry where dust particles can easily compromise the atmosphere, how to get rid of dust in the air is a major issue business owners are facing. With plenty of dust-emitting processes, construction sites are among the primary victims of dust.

Hi-tech dust collectors like those from BossTek offer superb dust elimination in an indoor setting. But what makes them stand out among dozens of dust control techniques on the market today? What are the unique advantages of using dust collectors on your construction site?

Waterless dust suppression

Using water for dust suppression can be expensive in the long run. Plus, certain construction tools and products may be affected by water (think of rusting and the effect of water on unused cement). Dust collectors offer optimal dust suppression in construction operations where water isn’t required. These systems use powerful fans, dust pickup hoods, and ducting to suck dust particles and collect them in a separate device. You’ll need to empty the device regularly when filled with dust.

An effective dust control method

Dust collectors use technology to control dust in your construction site. They’ll remove most dust particles from the atmosphere, provided you install them properly on your construction site. This way, you can worry less about employees’ health since the air will be safe for breathing. On top of that, you’ll prevent dust particles from interfering with the mechanics of construction machines. This translates to fewer breakdowns and increased business productivity.

Excellent indoor application and customization

Misting cannons and fogging systems are excellent for outdoor applications but not indoors. Dust collectors are perfect for indoor setups to control fugitive dust that’s a pain to most construction sites. Plus, they are available in different sizes and shapes. You get to choose the perfect dust collecting system fitting your needs.

Compliance with regulations

The government has rules in place to protect the environment and employees in the workplace. Non-compliance with these rules can result in heavy fines for your business. This can hurt your profitability and sustainability in the industry. Dust collectors eliminate dust particles in the air, making sure you comply with governmental regulations and keep your employees safe in your construction site.

Happier employees for better productivity

When dust compromises the quality of air in the workplace, employees and the business suffers. They can get sick, making them spend more on health services. A work environment posing health risks to employees results in a less productive and unsatisfied workforce. This hurts productivity in your business and causes low employee retention. Purifying the air with factory dust collectors provides a conducive working environment for your employees, boosting their morale and making them more productive.

A safe working environment drives productivity in your construction site. As such, your workforce is the major success driver in your construction site. Use dust collectors to offer a conducive working environment for your employees, which facilitates more productivity. You’ll comply with employee protection regulations and avoid heavy governmental penalties that come with non-compliance.


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