5 Benefits Of Ecommerce Virtual Assistant 

5 Benefits Of Ecommerce Virtual Assistant 

Bots are outrunning customer service in eCommerce sites with advanced technologies. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies inside bots make them the best eCommerce virtual assistant.  

So many eCommerce sites use bots to automate their customer service process. Manually formulating strategies for customer service is one of the challenging tasks of every eCommerce site owner. Virtual Assistant makes the difficult task manageable and performs like a real-life customer service agent. 

  • Automated Responses

Online business owners should maintain a sales team to perform different tasks. An eCommerce site owner should pay for support tickets to write responses and answer repetitive questions. 

A live human agent can respond to a customer and answer all questions. But, human agents cannot stay on the website 24/7. eCommerce virtual assistants play a vital role in availability and accessibility. A bot will answer basic questions by learning data from the conversations, and AI and Machine learning bots will answer complex questions by understanding the user intent. 

  • Intrigue The Customers

Many successful brands use their bot to talk with customers. Bots like Alexa have a human persona. The bots with human persona will kindle the interest of website visitors. Imagine visiting a website and talking with a chatbot with a human persona! Customers will get more intrigued to interact with bots and engage in the discussion. 

An eCommerce virtual assistant should have a bot persona to intrigue the customers. Bots without Artificial Intelligence behind them give mechanical responses to customers. But, AI-powered bots don’t respond mechanically and make the conversation more interesting. 

  • Cost-Effective

As mentioned above, eCommerce sites have a separate sales team to handle customer queries. To maintain a sales team, online business owners have to spend considerable money. But support tickets will not be available on your website in all time zones. 

If online business owners use eCommerce virtual assistants, they will perform many tasks in all time zones. An eCommerce virtual assistant is cost-effective compared to support tickets. 

  • Product Description

Some website visitors browse your website without knowing about products and services. An eCommerce virtual assistant pops up immediately and answers questions about products instantly. 

Your customers will not leave your website without knowing about your product. Product description by virtual assistants is more effective and creates brand awareness. Bots will also use conversational texts and elements to describe your product and make the conversation engaging. 

  • Order Tracking

Your customers have now ordered your product. What is the next step? An online business owner should answer questions about order status quickly. If a customer finds it challenging to track order status, bots help them do it! 

An eCommerce virtual assistant will handle order status tracking for multiple orders. Your customer service agents will not answer multiple, repetitive questions. Following different orders is also tiring for human agents. But eCommerce virtual assistants answer repetitive questions tirelessly. Handling multiple orders and tracking orders from all time zones are a piece of cake for virtual assistants.

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