Benefits of Facial Recognition Through an Identity Verification Platform

Benefits of Facial Recognition Through an Identity Verification Platform

Facial recognition is fast becoming a crucial part of the security landscape. It offers numerous benefits to law enforcement agencies, businesses, and individuals alike. With billions of daily internet searches taking place on Google and Facebook, facial recognition is already being used to track down criminals and identify missing children. Facial recognition can also be used by businesses to verify the identity of potential customers or employees through easy integration with their existing software. Here are some more benefits you can expect from your identity verification platform when it comes to facial recongition.

Easy integration

Facial recognition is one of the most secure and reliable methods for identity verification. It uses artificial intelligence to scan faces and compare them against an existing database of faces, or even any other image that you have stored.

Facial recognition software is integrated with your existing security system, so it doesn’t require extensive training or additional hardware. You also don’t need additional software, staff, or maintenance because the entire process happens on the server side. 

Cost saving

By using facial recognition, you can reduce the cost of hiring a security guard. This is because it is expensive and inefficient to hire security guards for every single location. With this technology, you can easily detect suspicious activities and individuals before they cause any harm to your company or property.

Moreover, this technology can also be used by law enforcement agencies to reduce the cost of hiring police officers. Police officers are paid monthly salaries but facial recognition systems installed at strategic locations where crimes take place regularly will help them solve cases quickly without having to pay high salaries to their personnel,

Seamless security

Facial recognition is a very safe and secure technology. It is used by banks, government agencies, retail stores, casinos, and many other industries to verify the identity of their customers so they can access their accounts safely.

It’s highly accurate because it uses biometric authentication technology to compare the facial features of an individual with those stored in its database to verify that the person attempting to access resources or gain entry into a facility is actually who he or she claims to be. The system will not allow anyone else access despite what they may look like on the outside.

The system doesn’t make mistakes because there are no false positives or negatives when compared with other fingerprinting methods (such as iris scanning) which can misidentify individuals due to environmental factors such as lighting conditions or how close someone gets before scanning them into your logbook/database system.

Superior technology and analytics

Face recognition technology is superior to other biometric technologies, as it uses images of the face that are collected from different angles. This means that a person’s identity can be verified through their facial features even if they are wearing glasses or have long hair.

On top of this, face recognition technology is 90% accurate compared to 50% for fingerprint scanning. Not only that, but it also provides instantaneous results in less than 0.1 seconds without requiring any physical contact between the user and their device or authentication system. It also allows multiple people to be recognized simultaneously using one camera which greatly reduces costs associated with setting up a system.

Ease of data storage and analysis

Facial recognition also allows for easy data storage and analysis. Data can be stored in a centralized location, making it easy to access and share with others. Facial recognition software also can analyze data quickly and easily. This means that it can be analyzed at a later date if necessary, or by multiple people at the same time.


Facial recognition technology has come a long way since its inception. Nowadays, it is being used in many places ranging from banks and other financial institutions to social media platforms. Although this technology is still being developed, you can expect that it will keep on improving with time.


Carnel Gilchrist

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